In Hollywood, it's all about the "Perfect Look". But, believe us when we say that here at the Red Carpet 5K.. ANYTHING GOES! Go completely over the top! Set your sights on those “best dressed” and “most outrageous” awards!

Some ideas for those with imaginations in hibernation:


  • Dig out that old prom dress and deck yourself out in costume jewelry
  • Wear your most fashion forward running or fitness outfit
  • Go crazy, frost yourself with rhinestones from head to toe, shock everybody!
  • Not digging the couture side of the Red Carpet? Go totally Avril in full on rocker chick gear

NOTE: (Stilettos and sling backs aren’t recommended, but are definitely allowed… at your own risk)


  • Go professional, wear a suit or tuxedo and opt for a comb-over
  • Make a statement by only wearing the accessories to a tuxedo (i.e.: cuffs sans sleeves, vest, bowtie) with running shorts
  • Wear running shorts and paint a tux directly onto your body